We need your help finding the world’s best diving locations!

What makes a great Cliff Diving location? Well, just about anywhere there’s something tall near water there’s a chance it could be great for Cliff Diving. This means we’re looking for bridges, mountains, buildings, castles, lego structures. etc. We’re not picky but we do have a few requirements listed below. If you have a location that meets our requirements, submit a few pictures as well as information about the location, height, water depth, and landing area via our contact form, or send us an email at If we like your location we’ll add it to our locations map(with a credit to you of course!). Additionally, if we really like your spot we’ll work with you to shoot one of our up coming USA Cliff Diving episodes at your spot!


  • Height: 50 -100ft (15 -30 meters)

  • Minimum Water Depth: 15ft (4.5 meters)

  • Minimum Landing area: 15 x 15ft (4.5 x 4.5 meters)